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Welcome to our little corner of the internet! i’m kim…one half of snapdragon studios. i am a daughter, sister, wife and mother of three boys who are now grown men . i’m extremely proud of them and they bring me joy on a daily basis.
* i have been sewing since i was a little girl, learning at the hands of my talented mother. i’ve worked with several designers and decided (with just a little nudge from Elizabeth) that it was time to share my own designs with other sewists.
* i’m an avid knitter, who wears only hand knit socks and thinks the world should follow my lead.
* i rarely use capital letters and generally break all punctuation rules.
* i was trained in and studied classical piano (which i now rarely play), but am a music lover of all genres. my studio playlist is varied, from bluegrass and country to jazz and big band to my favorite opera tenor arias….sometimes to the dismay of the rest of my household!
* i worked at a drag strip for many years checking in cars and running the timing clocks….and i embrace nascar and opera with equal fervor.
* i’m a picky eater….i used to feel that i had to defend that, but no more! i’m picky…deal with it. give me my steak rare and plain, my potato with butter and my veggies raw. i won’t ask you to eat from my plate….don’t expect me to get excited about yours.
* i love margaritas, morning coffee on my deck, baking (and immediately eating) bread, square dancing, reading, free summer jazz concerts , backyard bonfires and the absolute joy i feel when 4 things align…a clean house, folded laundry, dinner ready and grass freshly mowed. *** And I’m Elizabeth, the other half of Snapdragon Studios. You’ll be able to tell it’s me because I was an English major and I’m kind of anal about punctuation and grammar rules. Kim is the only person who doesn’t make my eye twitch when she doesn’t use capital letters or much punctuation. We must’ve been destined for each other.
* I, too, am a daughter, sister, wife and mother to boys.
* I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. My first projects were Renaissance costumes (or at least I thought they looked Renaissance-y), which my friends and I wore to the Ren Fest because we were extremely cool in high school.
* My two major hobbies outside of crafting are gardening and cooking, which go hand in hand for me. I planted my first veggie garden at the age of 23 and I’ve had one every year since. Summer is my favorite season for eating since almost everything on our table comes from our garden or the farmers’ market. Yum.
* I love to read, but I don’t count reading as a hobby. It’s more like breathing or eating than something as simple as a hobby.
* I have attended the same church since I was a little kid. I love to sing in the choir even though one of my choir directors told me that I have a “good choir voice”, not a “good solo voice”. * I enjoy obscure trivia and odd words (current favorites: troglodyte = cave-dweller and sesquipedalian = long word). I can also say the alphabet backward in less than 5 seconds because my grandfather offered me a quarter if I learned how to do it when I was little.
* Kim and I met by chance (my best friend and her son have been together for the better part of a decade), but we bonded over a shared love of sewing and design and so Snapdragon Studios was born.

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