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Snapdragon Studios patterns are designed with every body shape and every sewing level in mind, from beginner to expert. Patterns for clothing that are easy to make and easy to wear. Comfortable, stylish designs that fit your life.


My studio is humming with activity. There are tutorials and free patterns for unique gifts and wearables, and new designs always in progress. Stop by often to see what’s new.


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for independent design!

I’m Kim, designer and owner of Snapdragon Studios. I’m a daughter, sister, wife and mother of three now-grown men who own my heart. I learned to sew when I was very young, taught by my amazingly talented mother. In college, I could be found sitting on my dorm room floor with my sewing machine, using my knee to control the pedal as I whipped up a pair of pants or a skirt for a last minute date. Although I made curtains, pillows, pjs, and Halloween costumes for the boys, I didn’t really come “home” to sewing again until much later. I’ve worked for several designers over the years, and finally, with a nudge from a friend ventured out and began Snapdragon Studios.


I am an avid knitter, who wears only hand knit socks and believe that the rest of the world should follow my lead. I love all genres of music, from bluegrass and blues, big band to country, jazz to opera. I worked for many years at a drag strip, and embrace auto racing and opera with equal fervor. I get excited about planting my small garden and usually lose interest once the heat of summer sets in.


I love margaritas, morning coffee on my deck, baking (especially bread), square dancing, reading, backyard bonfires, free summer jazz concerts and the absolute joy I feel when four things align…a clean house, folded laundry just off the line, dinner ready and grass freshly mowed.

Welcome to Snapdragon Studios!


Big projects don’t happen in a vacuum. I would never have gotten this far without the support of my family, friends and colleagues, and I want to sing their praises.

To my parents: Thank you for teaching me the craft of sewing and for your patience during that process. Your support and encouragement is unwavering and I love you beyond words.

To my photographer and much loved daughter-in-law Amy: Thank you for the beautiful pictures, for your artistic eye and your unfailing encouragement. You are a gem.

To my friends: Thanks for your patience and for always lending an ear. Thanks Elizabeth for standing by me and launching Snapdragon Studios, it wouldn’t have happened without your nudge!

To Tony and Karen of Future Concepts: Thanks sis and Tony for all your technical support, but more importantly for always standing beside me. You’re my touchstone.

To Joyce, my lifelong friend and amazing graphics guru: Thanks for not only offering your services, but your unwavering support and excitement. Your patience is appreciated and your friendship is priceless.

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